• Remotely control programs and games of your pc.
  • Transform the Wiimote into an interactive whiteboard.

How to use it

1. You MUST first connect your wiimote to your PC via bluetooth before running the program. The Wiimote will work with a variety of Bluetooth stacks.

2. Launch "Wiigo".

3. All the buttons on the Wiimote can be mapped into either on key press, or mouse click. To choose an action on a Wiimote button press, just click at the corresponding text field and hit key or mouse click. Wiigo is able to send 2 keypress combinations to the foreground program. You can see the default settings to the picture.

Accelerate Mouse Mode
Just rotate the Wiimote and the cursor of your mouse will be moved! You don't need any IR sources.
To enable it just click the "Accel. Mouse" tick(Default Mode).

IR LEd Mouse Mode
The Wiimote has an infrared (IR) camera which can track up to 4 IR sources. You can use a lit candle or an IR LED beside your screen or your whiteboard to move the cursor of your mouse.
To enable it just click the "IR Led Mouse" tick.
In this mode you can map the accelerometers values for Left, Right, Fwd and Back.

On Screen Keyboard
If you want to write some text click the "On Screen Keyboard" button.



Use it for :

1. PowerPoint presentations.
2. Mapping software: Microsoft Virtual EarthGoogle Earth
3. Physics simulation software: Phun
4. Virtual Tourism: Photosynth
5. Media Browsing: CoolIris
6. Painting progams: Alias Sketchbook Pro
7. Flash games:
8. Other PC games....and what ever you thing!!!

Wiigo requires Microsoft .NET 3.5 (or later) to be installed.


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