Beautiful Landscapes!!!

If you’re looking for beautiful scenery on your desktop, I suggest you view the site Desktopography. The compositions of the designers are very beautiful, and certainly you will like some.

blog Google search

Search smart with Google!!!

For the millions of people Google is a search tool used every day. 
Use the following instructions to make your searches more efficient.

1. If you want to search for a specific phrase, use quotation marks eg Vital gap

2. Use the advanced search. 

3. Use define: dumb to see a multitude of definitions of the word dumb from different sources. 

4. One of the more practical uses, the operation of the calculator as example write (345 +782) * 324 press Search to find the result. Use +, -, *, / symbols and parentheses.

5. Use 1 USD in Euros to find parity between dollar and euro.

6. Use 20 miles in kilometers to convert miles to kilometers. 

7. Instead of a condition survey on all pages of the Internet, specifically search through news, blog, books, pictures, studies, inventories, cost, maps, patents, products, videos and more.

9. If you want to search for specific file types such as PDF, documents of Word, Excel spreadsheets and others, eg use filetype: pdf java for pdf files on the programming language java. 

Good Results!

Robotic solar energy toys

Robotic toys with solar energy.

Company OWI manufactures robotic toys to solar energy, for children eight years and up.The games designed to be assembled very easily. They are ideal to teach the principles of alternative energy sources. The prices range between $ 11.95 and $ 17.95, and they are available in several different forms.

computers Safety

Safety and computers!!!

In the question if there is security in computers today, the answer is NO. Unless we close thr connection of Internet, and do not install any program! Of course with the proper tools and common sense we can prevent some security to our PC. Follow a few simple tips to feel safe, you and your family. 

1. Be cautious and do not easily accept that others say on the Internet, just use common sense. 
2. Install antivirus, antispyware and firewall programs. 
3. Learn the procedures (processes) of Windows that are active,use the Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) to see. 
4. Create strong passwords over eight characters in the form of ‘akjdsu ^% er172 * jkhf @ 34 ..’. 
5. Do not open links that are in e-mails, unless you are 100% sure. 
6. Try browsers like Firefox or Opera. 
7. Protect your files with winzip password giving the zip file. 
8. Turn off the trail when you close your browser. In Firefox (Ctrl-Shift-Delete). 
9. The computer of the children is better to be in a common view.
10. Turn on the WPA encryption, the MAC address filtering and set rules about what hours will allow access to the Internet from your router. 

Good luck!

drive flash laptop pc portable usb

PC in your pocket!!!

With a usb flash drive, you can have a computer everywhere and leave your laptop at home. 
The term ‘portable software’ usually refers to an application that can run from a single file without adding other files. If you want a single package all the basic applications – spreadsheet (spreadsheet), text editor, graphics – you can choose the Portable Apps (260MB) .  Which contains an antivirus program, a web browser (Mozilla Firefox), an instant messenger (Gaim), a game of Sudoku, a calendar and a task manager (Mozilla Sunbird), an e-mail client (Mozilla Thunderbird) and the portable version of OpenOffice. 

autoproducer clip home music muvee video

Create easily home videos!!!

The easiest way to create your own home videos. 

Create and share great video and slides with the muvee autoproducer 6 .

It is very easy to use, download the trial version of the program, and try it. Add your photos,and your favorite music and you have professional video!!! It is ideal for creating video clips, why synchronize the music with the video pictures. 

Good luck.

mp3 oled player

Apparatus sharpen your memory!!!

Stay 15 minutes a day with the device MC Square , and reduce the pressure, improve memory, enhance your concentration, light and sound. The device has been developed by the company Daeyang E & C, includes six programs with natural sounds like rain drops of relaxing your mind.

The MC Square is not only a relaxing device is also MP3 player with 512MB flash memory and mini SD card, and a digital voice recorder (30-hours) and viewer images and text on a color OLED screen.
brain emotiv systems Game

Game controlled by the brain!!!

Emotiv Systems gave a press conference in San Francisco this week to present the latest developments in a game which allows players to control the objects on the screen using only their thoughts. 

The system is based on a “neuroheadset” with a dozen sensors that read the electrical pulses emitted by the brain when a person thinks. Learn to recognize the impulses and interpret thoughts as “upper,” “below” and “rotated” and transform them into movements on the screen.

classmate intel linux pc xp

Intel Classmate PC

Intel  will provide laptops in the hands of needy children in developing countries. Essentially, has awarded the international partners, in coordination with the Taiwanese company manufacturing and governments worldwide, the installation and technical support for schools. The Classmate PC is a laptop running Linux to Windows XP Professional.