Style your posts!!

Gdo Posts plugin for Divi Builder!
Get gdo-posts plugin
to create easily a responsive masonry beautify look for your posts!

Masonry & Grid!

Create beautiful Masonry layouts setting the column width and gap.

Great Settings!

Set the number of the posts, choose post categories, show/hide the featured image,  excerpt,  author, date, categories,  pagination,  comment counts and change the background.

Beautiful Styles!

Choose from nine premade beautiful styles with just one click!

More Settings!

Set titles and captions, overlay, shadows, filters, text font and colors, borders and animations.
Easy Install!

Step 1

From the plugins menu choose & install the

Step 2

Open Divi Builder for your page and insert ‘Gdo Posts’ module.

Step 3

Choose the type of post design, and set the other settings.
Posts example
Style : moving lines
Posts example
Style : x lines
Posts example
Style : grey box
Posts example
Style : moving boxes
Posts example
Style : diagonal title
Posts example
Style : inset title
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