We all know that we get freckles from being in the sun. In addition to freckles, larger brown spots, such as solar lentigos, can also come from long-term sun exposure. Before embarking on laser treatment, it is important to have an examination by your dermatologist to ensure that there are no brown spots that require […]


With the exception of the linear veins on the side of one’s nose or the lower part of one’s cheek next to the mouth, almost all facial veins are the result of long term sun exposure. Most of my patients claim they ‘don’t go out in the sun’, but, unless there is an intricate network […]


Enlarged pores are one of the five changes that skin undergoes as a result of sun-damage (the others being spider veins, brown spots, wrinkles and sagging skin). We have enlarged pores on our face to begin with, relative to the rest of our skin. These pores can respond to hormonal changes making them produce more […]


Cherry hemangiomas are little red bumps that most commonly appear on the trunk, especially the abdomen and back, although they can appear almost anywhere. They resemble little red moles, and are generally only a few millimeters in size. They often begin to appear in young adulthood into middle age. They are usually raised. People who […]