Stretch marks are best to treat while they are red. Lasers are quite good at removing the redness and IMPROVING the texture of stretch marks. It’s extremely difficult to completely erase stretch marks, although significantly improving red ones is quite achievable using modern, pulsed-dye or KTP lasers. Once stretch marks lose their red color, laser […]


  Port-wine stains and hemangiomas are common birthmarks. Often, some of these marks, like the very common, red patch or ‘stork bite’ on the back of the neck, resolve over time, often by age 4. It’s important to show these marks to a pediatrician, since they often show themselves sometime after birth. Mostly these marks […]


  A common complaint with an uncommon name is sun-induced redness on the sides of the neck, called ‘Poikiloderma of Civatte’ (POC). This redness on the side of the neck results from long-term sun-exposure. The area under the chin is spared, because the chin blocks the sun in this central area. For people who drive […]