Luncheon Meeting

Dr. Joseph Braude

Broadcasting Change: Arabic Media as a Catalyst for Change

Sponsor: The Eagle Company

Special Event

14th Annual Richard J. Yashek Memorial Lecture

Not Your Father’s Antisemitism

by Michael Berenbaum, Ph D.

Annual Excursion

APRIL 27 EXCURSION TO LONDON- Clarification and Correction

including visits to Korean Economic Institute of America and Brookings Institute

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Anyone attending the luncheon and not eating is only charged $10.00 for program attendance.


Ambassador (includes all luncheons and a reduction in fee for the annual bus excursion)


Family (allows member rate for each family member for luncheons and other events)

The standard nonmember rate for luncheons is $30 and the member rate is $23. The student rate for luncheons is $10.


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