Setup is easy!


  • Cap child theme.
  • Customizer settings.json file.
  • Theme options.json file.
  • Demo cap.xml content file.
  • Png logo & favicon files.


The CAP child theme requires the Divi parent theme (version 3.0.106+).

Step 1

Install Divi theme v3+ by ElegantThemes

Step 2

Install CAP child theme and activate it.

Step 3

Load demo data(cap.xml):

Tools > import > WordPress > Run Importer > cap.xml > Assign Author.

Step 4

Goto Divi > Theme Options and import “theme options.json” file.

Step 5

Goto Menu Divi >Theme Customizer and import “Customizer Settings.json” file.

Step 6

Setup the Menu (Appearance > Menus)

Step 7

Set as a Static Front Page the ‘HOME’ page.

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